Our Wealth Management process contains seven steps and is designed to help you live your best financial life.  

1.  Establish and Define the Scope of Work - We collect qualitative information such as your health status, life expectancy, and family circumstances to begin identifying and evaluating your specific needs, wants, goals, and expectations.  

2.  Gather Information, Identify Values, and Set Goals - We collect quantitative information, including income and expenses so we can do our analysis.  We will discuss your values and attitudes towards planning to select and prioritize goals in accordance with your current financial information.  

3.  Analyze and Evaluate the Current Status - We evaluate where you stand in terms of investments, insurance coverage, risk management, employee benefits, retirement planning, and estate planning.  We analyze this information to determine whether you are on track to meet your goals.  If you are not on track, then we will recommend an alternative course of action.

4.  Develop Recommendations and Create Plan - We will begin making recommendations and drafting your financial plan.  We will take different lifestyle and economic scenarios into consideration. Your plan will be designed to maximize the potential to meet your goals.

5.  Review and Amend the Plan - We will sit down with you and discuss the proposed plan.  We will addresses observations and recommendations, then offer feedback to you and discuss any changes to be made to the plan. 

6.  Implement - The key component to implementing a financial plan is communication.  We will clearly define responsibilities and establish a clear timeline delineating deadlines for each party.   

7.  Monitor and Review - The final phase may last years or even decades.  We are responsible for monitoring your plan at regular intervals to watch for success and make any necessary changes.  We must always have your best interest in mind.  For the duration of the engagement, we will continually account for the significance of any new information or life changes.




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